Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Our teeth get stained due to everyday foods and drinks. Some of the major staining food items are all types of tea and coffee, Red Wine, Curries and foods with edible food colourants and dies.

One of the biggest causes of staining of teeth is Smoking. Sometimes brushing twice a day and 6 monthly cleans might not be enough to give you a Sparkly Smile.

Or having that special occasion when you would love to have a White, Bright Smile.

At our local dental clinic we offer various options for teeth whitening in Wollongong. We have the Take Home Kit with various concentrations of bleaching agent for use such as Overnight and Daytime bleach.

The Take Home Kit involves 2 appointments. After your initial teeth whitening consultation, an impression is made of your teeth to make custom fitted trays.

After careful consideration and your preference a particular concentration is selected to offer you the best possible result.

The In House Bleaching can provide up to 3 or more Shades whiter teeth in an hour.

Discuss with our friendly team of dentists on (02) 4225 0505 for the best option that would suit you.

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